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The 2017 S+ART Grants are now open!

We’re shaking it up a bit in 2017 and offering four grants – more chances to collaborate.

Check it out! There are two grants of $700 each and two of $500 each.

The topics for 2017 are Greenhouse gases and Energy.

Apply now!

 2017_S+ART Grant information and application

About our grants

S+ART Grants are awarded to collaborators working in any scientific and/or technology-related discipline together with any artistic genre to produce an outcome for public performance, display or interaction.

In 2017, S+ART is offering four opportunities for collaboration:

1.     Two grants of $700 each, and

2.     Two grants of $500 each.

One $700 grant and one $500 grant will be offered to collaborators under the age of 18; one $700 grant and one $500 grant will be offered to collaborators aged 18 and over. In the event of a collaboration of one or more individuals under 18 and one or more over 18, the collaborators must identify who is the primary collaborator. The category will be based on this person’s age.



Projects must be a collaboration of art with science and/or technology. Projects must not simply be an artist’s view of science and/or technology, or a scientist or technician expressing themselves artistically. Projects must be an active collaboration between the respective disciplines. “Science creating art” or “art that results from science (or technology)” are quick and dirty descriptions of what we’re looking for.

·      Projects should be innovative in investigating fresh ways of thinking and encouraging interaction and dialogue.

·      Final project instalments or peformances must be accessible to wide audiences and should seek to engage the public in discussion and debate.

·      Preference will be given to projects that are the work of two or more collaborators, with at least one from the arts and one from science or technology. The work can be a collaborative partnership or the scientist/technologist can take an advisory role in an artistic project, or vice versa.

·      Collaborators can be at any stage of their education or career, and of any age.

·      Projects must result in an installation or performance suitable for display in public venues.


Applicants who receive a Grant from S+ART must:

·       Complete the funded project within a year of the Grant being awarded.

·       Submit quarterly progress reports to S+ART.

·       Acknowledge the assistance of S+ART in any publicity, presentations, performances or interviews about the funded project.

·       Present or demonstrate project outcomes at S+ART SOMETHING, S+ART’s annual festival.

How to apply

The application for the 2017 grant is open from 1 July 2017 – 4 August 2017.

Please check back here or follow the S+ART Facebook page for updates and information.


Apply now! 

2017_S+ART Grant information and application

Need some inspiration?

Be sure to check out our Facebook page – we post lots of things there that we think are cool. Same goes for our Pinterest page.

We really love the bioart of Anna Dumitriu, the mycelium work of Phil Ross, the BioLace of Amy Congdon, the tissue culture of Ionat Zurr, the Bioglyphs from Montana State University and the wind art of Andrew Drumond.

There are many examples of sci-art, bio-art and nano-art. Check out these sites – and send us links to others that you like!


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Nathalie Miebach