Grant winners - 2015

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2015 S+ART Grant winners

Under- 18

The Skin You’re In: Palmerston North Girls’ High School (PBGHS)

The Skin You’re In was led by Virginia Warbrick and involved Duodecad, the PNGHS 12-voice ensemble. Duodecad created and performed a body of choral work based on photography of skin cancers.

The project investigated fresh ways of thinking about skin cancer and encouraged debate and discussion, not just for project participants but also for audience members – mainly intermediate and college-aged students, a typically difficult age group to engage in sun safe activities and conversations.

The innovative project used skin markings to inspire songs in a range of musical styles. Project performances were accessible, particularly for pre-teen audiences.

Dr Louise Reiche, a Palmerston North dermatologist, presented a summary of the project at a national melanoma conference. Dr Reiche – and other skin care specialists – described The Skin You’re In as a new and emerging way to involved teens in the skin care discussion.

2015 S+ART Grant winners

Over- 18

Living Circuits: Jess Weichler and Seth Kenlon

Jess Weichler and Seth Kenlon developed interactive paintings that not only engaged viewers but taught them about electricity at the same time. The paintings were all hands­-on works of art and encouraged the viewers to experience not just the science behind them but also to become part of the artistic process.

The large interactive installation included two and three dimensional pieces with which the public interacted. Living Circuits was large and complex enough to require the audience to work together to be able to experience the full extent of the work. It went beyond bringing the viewer into the artwork; it brought viewers together as a community.

Living Circuits was featured in the Manawatu Standard. Check out more photos from Living Circuits at S+ART Something.


Living Circuits
Living Circuits

2015 S+ART Grant winners

Over- 18

Biolumination III: Dr Siouxsie Wiles, University of Auckland

Dr Siouxsie Wiles, head of the Bioluminescent Superbugs Group at the University of Auckland, is a scientist with an interest in science-art collaborations. For Biolumination III, she worked with Palmerston North artists Israel Birch and Fran Dibble and more than 150 local  residents (including more than 120 students) to create an exhibition of living bioluminescent paintings.

Biolumination III served four purposes: 1) put science in a place people aren’t expecting it, 2) show people that while they may be repulsed by the idea of bacteria and ‘germs’, these creatures can also be beautiful, 3) provide a space for the public to interact with microbiologists, and 4) introduce people to the wonders of bioluminescence, the light produced by living creatures, and how we use it to understand how nasty microbes cause disease.

Siouxsie acted as curator, challenging a group of artists and students to create a work of art using just a solution of harmless bioluminescent bacteria and a collection of petri-dishes.

Biolumination III was jointly sponsored by S+ART and Massey University College of Health. Check out more photos from Biolumination III at S+ART Something.


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Biolumination III S+ART Something 2016